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Please provide me with additional information regarding Relax & Rejuvenate services.

We regret that appointments cannot be made via email.

Please call us at 1-866-867-3529 to bring the spa to you.

Relax & Rejuvenate services are available nationwide.

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Scheduling Your Appointment   

While most of our appointments are booked in advance, some same day appointments are available. Please provide the following information when booking your appointment:
  • Date and timeframe you are requesting
  • Type of treatment and/or massage technique - or ask us for a consultation
  • Preference for a male or female massage therapist
  • Credit card (or Gift Certificate) number to guarantee your appointment
Our services are in high demand and are often booked days in advance. Please allow for flexibility in your request.

Appointments must be cancelled with 24 hours notice or charges in full will apply.

Getting the most from your Spa Treatment

Please prepare an adequate space prior to the arrival of your Massage Therapist. Most hotel rooms are laid out to accommodate a massage table or facial bed. Your Therapist will need a space approximately 6' x 9'. A Manicure/Pedicure can be conducted in a comfortable chair, but should be close to running water.

For our residential clients, please keep pets in a separate room or outside during the treatment to prevent interruptions and to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

While your Massage Therapist is setting up, please complete and sign the Health Screen card provided to identify and address any health issues/concerns your may have. Please let the therapist know what expectations you have from your treatment.

When you are ready to start your treatment, the Massage Therapist will step out of the room. Undress to your level of comfort and lie on the table under the sheet. Throughout the massage, you will be draped with a sheet and/or towel. The Massage Therapist will tuck the sheet around private areas to ensure privacy. The Massage Therapist will again leave the room at the completion of the treatment while you are getting up from the table.

For the best result, just lie back and relax once you are in session. Do not feel obligated to make conversation. Good massage requires concentration on the part of the Therapist. Feel free, however, to give the Therapist feedback. Please speak up if you desire more or less pressure, are too warm or cold or experience any discomfort.

Method of Payment

Relax & Rejuvenate accepts cash or all major credit cards. Hotel guests may have the option of charging treatments to their room account. Corporate clients may pay by company check. Upon completion of your treatment, please sign the invoice provided by the Therapist. Confirm the rate, method of payment or Gift Certificate redemption. Gratuity is customary and may be added to a credit card or room charge, given in cash or may have been included in your Gift Certificate.

Important Note

The Therapist will refuse or terminate the treatment, and charges in full will be assessed, if any of the following conditions are encountered.

  • Broken skin or lesions
  • Misconduct such as solicitation or suggestive comments
  • Medical conditions prohibiting massage
  • Intoxication

Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions

  • Gift Certificates are valid for five years
  • Gift Certificates are transferable
  • Gift Certificates are not refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash

+Contact Us  :  1-866-TO-RELAX