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Relax & Rejuvenate turns your hotel room into a day spa in some of the finest hotels across the country.

From Boston to Miami to Seattle to San Diego and many cities in between, Relax & Rejuvenate is the traveler's choice at fine hotels such as The Georgetown Inn and The Madison in Washington DC, Sole on the Ocean in Sunny Isles, Florida, and The US Grant in San Diego, CA, as well as Affinia and Kimpton Hotels nationwide.

Unravel From Travel

Need to unwind after a day of meetings, or a long day of travel? Our highly-skilled massage therapists can banish stress and tension to help you get the rest you need with in-room spa treatments.

Padding back to your hotel room in your robe and slippers after a relaxing massage may be appropriate at a tropical resort, but try that in the marbled lobby of a four-star business hotel and you are sure to raise some eyebrows!

Why leave the comfort of your hotel room when Relax & Rejuvenate brings the day spa and massage to your hotel in Washington, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and San Diego.

Make your Vacation or Get-Away extra special

Whether you are spending a week in the sun or a weekend in the city, our in room services can add the crowning touch to your vacation plans.

Why waste your vacation sitting inside the spa when you can have your fingers and toes polished to perfection while working on your tan? Or work out the knots from your flight to the sun with a poolside massage.

Planning a romantic weekend in the city? A Couples Massage is the perfect touch!

Pricing, Services and Availability vary by city and location.

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